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Natural Gas Locomotive Power


Bright Rail Energy (BRE) was formed to design, develop and sell products to railroads so they can save money and reduce their environmental impact by transitioning to natural gas to power locomotives. BRE’s unique proprietary, Bright Rail Energy™ Auxiliary Power System (APS), complements a diesel-electric locomotive by providing natural gas produced electricity to a locomotive’s electric traction motors. Both the APS and locomotive generate electricity to move the train at the desired speed. The APS is based primarily on existing, proven technology. It is intended for use with locomotives of all vintages. BRE’s solution does not try to convert the diesel engine to run on a mixture of natural gas and diesel. An APS prototype is currently undergoing extensive on-track testing.

Fast, efficient way to transition locomotives to cleaner and cheaper natural gas


The Auxiliary Power System

  • Bright Rail Energy™ Power Unit
    A containerized natural gas engine and alternator jointly developed by BRE and Cummins Power Generation Inc.
  • Bright Rail Energy™ System Controller
    Interfaces with existing control systems in a locomotive and Power Unit and decides if power comes from Power Unit, locomotive or both sources to power traction motors.
  • Bright Rail Energy™ Gas Transport Module
    Containerized standard high-pressure tanks for storing 123,00 cubic feet of compressed natural gas.
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